The Rise And Fall Of Coolmath Games -

The Rise And Fall Of Coolmath Games

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A major aspect of my childhood is disappearing. I say we let it.



  1. i used coolmath in 6 while i was boring in my dads business and that was my entire life

  2. Cool Math Games was one of the first ever game websites that wasn’t Nintendo/Atari I ever experienced. Spending hours a day just playing simple games… I miss those times. Glad to see people still remember it

  3. As a 13 year old I have experienced cool math games it has been apart of my childhood as a matter of fact so not all people that are younger than 15 have not felt that touch of old games

  4. 1:32, that is the type of computer I first used to play cool math games (2012-2014), I wish I can go back to that era of gaming 😢

  5. You know you know you know you know you know you know you know I'm 14 and I know about Cool Math Games I used to play it all the time on the school computers after I get done with my assignment for like 10 minutes or at home or on the computer lab or at my grandma's house one I would forget to bring my DS on her old Windows XP or on those MacBooks at school or on my Windows computer at home

  6. I stopped playing cool math when the flash games got removed it’s disappointing really ☹️😔

  7. You remind me of this youtuber keecaps hes kinda popular have you heard of him

  8. How do you pronounce your name? Is the s silent?

  9. I have come from ig jersdan. It’s Daniel

  10. Newground zero is the name you’re searching for

  11. Bro coolmath games was the shit and bro I’m 14 I’m cultured unlike most of the kids of my age

  12. Bro coolmath was the game when I was in 4th grade

  13. Most people I know play coolmath games all the time in class and Im 14

  14. Definitely should do a video on hand held games like the psp and dsi

  15. not saying anything but i’m 10 and knew cool math since i was 7 af

  16. and here i was thinking coolmath was made in like 2002 or something, i didn't know it went back to the '90s :0 that might be one of the oldest websites I've used unironically

  17. I'm 14 turning 15 and everyone I know in my school plays coolmath. It's more common in my school than breathing

  18. Lol the newgrounds joke aged poorly since fnf blew up

  19. They've removed flash on Google and most Web browsers ;-;

  20. I used to go on coolmath games when I was at least 6, one of the best parts of my childhood tbh, now I'm 15 and still go to it to this day, and I have visited newgrounds at least twice in a row, not for fnf' but for some of it's older content, I would also mainly go to this flash emulator(Flashpoint) to play some of those games that I used to play during ages 5-11

  21. when i was in year 1 when it was free time i just played cool math games the old days

  22. people will never understand the wonder of coolmath

  23. I played that shit in school in elementary before but now I can no longer cherish that memory again

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