The Run Trilogy has LORE??? 😱👽🏃 -

The Run Trilogy has LORE??? 😱👽🏃

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Everyone knows that these aliens run. But, have you ever wondered WHY they run??

If you’ve played games on the Internet in the last 10 years, you’ll recognize these little guys. Take a run through space with us and discover their thrilling backstory! 👽
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  1. goddamn i remember there was some point of my life when i actually knew all this stuff

  2. OH MY


  4. i guess this is made for the people who just skip all the cutscenes

  5. This video is comparable to the kid reading the first few sentences of a wikipedia article and throwing together a 10 minute presentation only with that and alot of stalling

  6. Just so ya’ll know rabbit’s arent rodent’s they’re in the lagomorph family

  7. I first experienced run 3 on Primary games.

  8. I wish Run 3 got more attention now-a-days. 🙁

  9. Character Genders
    Runner: She
    Skater: He
    Lizard: ???
    Bunny: ???
    Child: He
    Duplicator: He
    Pastafarian: She
    Angel: He
    Gentleman: He
    Student: She

    😀Just corrections, nothing much😀

  10. I’m surprised a lot of people who i know that play run 3, don’t actually know the lore

  11. Fun fact: our class plays run 3 when there doing free time at east im on level 65

  12. always knew there was something more to this game

  13. I never played run but fireboy and watergirl is my childhood, btw good video I am a fan of lore

  14. We are going to be taking about Run 3 Flash

  15. There's a third game…? We need this on every platform lmao

  16. Im a very late born gen z but im still happy that i was able to descover amazing flash games like this back when i was 5 and 6 years old

  17. Sophomore year of high school (right before covid) I played a lot of run 3 after I was done with my assignments in my typing class, I got pretty far in the game and I specifically remember a line of dialogue about inflation and it was the first time I was actually like wait is there a story behind this? I couldn’t really find anything online at that time, so I’m glad this video exists 🙂

  18. 4:12 Actually, the Gentleman is building tunnels in order to make a profit. He is expecting other aliens (eventually) to come and play his memory evaluation tunnel game.

  19. Did you just misgender pastafarian?????? WTF cool math games???????? never using your horrible site again. this is a major issue that we need to fix NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Im a pro at run 3 i already beat the whole game in 30 minutes

  21. I wonder if the Angel is the true bad guy, or if he is just misunderstood…

  22. Bro I still remember loosing my sh*t when I saw cut scenes with dialogue
    I love run so much.

  23. Run 3 is easily the best web/mobile game in the world- it has simple, interesting gameplay and amazing lore

  24. No wonder Run 3 is the biggest hit on cool math games.

  25. You don't have to know CMG, basically all flash games were available on almost every web game site that ever existed

  26. What I love so much about Run 3 is that along with the fun game, we get free adventure music that is probably better than most of the music that exists today.

  27. Yesterday I finished the entire thing on cool math games, just to realize I can’t finish it because it has an old version of the game 🙁

  28. I remember playing run 3 and always thinking getting skater or getting "a breath of fresh nothingness" was amazing, and now i have beaten the html5 variation almost completely (just achievements and some characters)

    Also, coolmathgames, if you see this, thank you for bringing back replicated versions of the old flash games.

  29. You know, it is the real lore because it is made by the official call math games that made run 3

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