This Game is SO Beautiful! - God of War 2018 Playthrough Part 3 -

This Game is SO Beautiful! – God of War 2018 Playthrough Part 3

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I can’t believe how visually stunning this game is!

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  1. I'm Sooooooo ready for ranorok. I enjoyed these reactions so much I've been binge watching all your uncharted playthroughs I just finished the second game. Your reactions are great.

  2. Started following you for rdr2 but I like you enough to follow you through other series. God help you, your one of us, your a gamer. Great video.

  3. Idk if you've read up on Kratos or played the other pervious GOW games but there is a reason Kratos is so protective over Atreus ill just leave it at that and let you do your thing.

  4. I always love watching a fellow lore and side-quest enthusiast like myself 😄 I did every single available side thing before progressing the story quest. Love that you take your time with games. A lot of creators who like to do that, feel pressured by the negative comments/trolls to hurry up or play a certain way. Love that you've established this is your style of gaming in every game and you play how you want 👍🏻😁 Keep on keeping on!

  5. Lol a fu k lol o you miss a treasure by Kratos‘s house behind the rock right before you walk into the forest

  6. 1:14:55 Hah! That was so lucky! I remember this was such a pain when I played.😆😆

  7. Btw sweet background signs “good vibes.” Another good sign would be “get wreckt”

  8. Why are you not dressed like Kratos? 🤔😆

  9. You should play Assassin's Creed series from the beginning. There are 12 games. Quite possibly the best video game series of all time.

  10. As far as this game, the lore is good but I can't wait until you battle tougher enemies and find out about the maze and other worlds.
    I didn't really catch what difficulty level you are playing it on but I hope it's God of War mode but I highly doubt it.

  11. All the stuff you collect sell it gives you money to use on the team

  12. I love the entrance that the world serpent makes its so epic

  13. Horror games make for good content and some of them are popular.

  14. Make sure to smash into those floating barrels while you boat around the lake for a little extra loot!

  15. Here's a hint Miranda pls write it down so you don't forget listen to the Stanger when you go to the ??? realm you will learn alot about him

  16. I hope this doesn't sound like a diss, but I've noticed you've improved a ton in combat since I started watching a few months ago. "Shh daddy's trying to kill a birdy" fucking got me lmao

  17. Of all the things I thought we'd be doing in this game. Having Kratos pick flowers was not one of them. Christopher Judge the voice actor for Kratos adlibbed a line that they unfortunately cut.

    "Fine Lamb's Crest…I'm a fucking God of War."

    There is a behind the scenes making of this game documentary called "Rasing Kratos" on YouTube. I highly recommend checking it out once you've beaten the game.

  18. If you want to get some funny expressions for Kratos, go into the game's photo mode.

  19. This is the best part of my whole week, you nevver fail to make me smile and laugh.

  20. I made my first playthrough in an honor of you on my twitch you really do inspire me and others, hope you have the best, keep up the amazing content

  21. Never forget: Erf Snek loves you. All hail, Erf Snek.

  22. When exploring the lake, ram the barrels with the boat. Extra resources.

  23. Hey Miranda, did you play the previous God of War games? Not necessary of course but it certainly enriches this game if you are familiar with the past games. Especially in a section a bit later, that to me was an OMG moment, is what I think happening really happening.

  24. 47:19 That look right there. That is an awesome look you have Lady.

  25. Bump into the barrals on the see and you get money from that.

  26. Always do the exploring and please create the funny pics with the father and BOIII

  27. You should try god of war 1, 2 & 3 as well!

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