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TINY HEIST – Escaped with 196 Gems! (World Record?) – Coolmath Games

Prof. Pickle
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Hey guys!

It’s been a while. Sorry for lack of uploads, but I wanted a record that would put my previous best to shame. So here it is!

Some run facts:

-Around 90% of my runs are resets before floor 12. This is due to:

*** Me needing to find a drill/bomb/before floor 5, and another drill/bomb/portable door before/on floor 10, greatly increasing my number of keys.

*** I need as many first aid kits on the first few floor 11’s, before my hotbar gets clogged with helix wings. If I don’t get any on the first floor 11, it’s a reset. This run includes the most health I’ve ever had (9 hearts), which was a huge help.
-I also need a pistol/banana when entering the rooftop as many rounds as possible, so I can destroy the yellow staircase and have no worry of terminators chasing me.

-This is my first run to ever utilize the bombbot (the sleeping pumpkin enemy) to avoid taking more damage. It’s one of my favorite parts of the run.

-Before video cuts of me thinking, the run was 2 hours long.

-Of course, this run could have been better. But due to poor decision making in some areas, it’s not.

I encourage all of you to invest in this game, and try to beat my record. I’ll be happy if you do; let’s push the limits of this game together!


  1. Hey dude keep it up! Just subscribed, hope you make another one soon, great work!

  2. I never knew there were more ranks above Rank 5. Very cool!

  3. Feels like this is Metal Gear Solid because it uses a cardboard box….

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