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  1. I remember playing this On FRIV Before flash died God you do I miss it.😭😭😭

  2. Holy shit coolmath is in all of our childhoods

  3. Janky doesn't disappoint us with his content

  4. this video made me laugh almost as much as
    Michael Fenton, Follower of Christ
    edit: i was joking with my friend
    this wont make sense to anyone unless they were there

  5. Its alright I was bad at this game too 😔😔😔

  6. I have finished this game. If you can’t beat level 2 don’t try to go on. Let’s just say that walls don’t look like walls and the finish is ten miles behind you.

  7. A 2011 Flash game and you still failed

  8. good ol' bloxorz hard as fuck but easy once you understand its mechanics

  9. This is kind of funny but not funny just finished up the course

  10. People in my class used to be obsessed with this game

  11. Am I the only one that played this game on the Applebee’s tablet

  12. Did any of y’all say to your teacher that cool math is a learning game… and the. Play run the entire time…?

  13. Bruh thats my childhood. I play that for almost a decade now

  14. I'm sorry but this game haunts my memories from second grade all the way up till high school. Now I need to try it again

  15. We used to play that in class and I was like really good at that game

  16. this bring back memories i was about to tell my little brother about the game then madison county banned it for chance of security brech

  17. Cool math games is best damn website in all of reality

  18. Damn, Coolmath that was our school childhoods right there

  19. Yo I played this game befor it’s so ez

  20. Yo I used to play this for hours on end at the library.

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