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Tyler’s Search History

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This is a comedy skit. From This Deluxe Episode


  1. This freak is looking up halo porn. Lmao touch grass

  2. The female master chief is sus as fuck
    I guess that's what he wanted to do to female master chief

    (Rule 34 is sex n nudes)

  3. What's better is that Master Chief isn't even in reach

  4. He doesn't need to say nothing my man, its halo chief, we all understand that my man ✊

  5. I dont blame him, master chief makes me act strange

  6. i'm convinced tyler is an alien that was brough on earth to destroy it

  7. Why would you look up R34 Master Chief female? He's way sexier as a guy. Poor taste

  8. Why’s everyone acting like this isn’t staged

  9. We've all searched a weird genderbend r34, dont lie

  10. Just saying this so there is 400 comments

  11. Bro the Halo reach one doesn’t make sense. Master chief wasn’t in Reach and nor is he a girl.

  12. you can tell this is fake because master chief isn't even in halo reach

  13. He is so triggered exept about the t34 one lol

  14. "which shoe do I put on first" hit me hard. 😂

  15. It’s bigger than black and white it’s our whole way of looking at life

  16. Master chief calling Tyler master💀

  17. My friend just like how dogs have different breeds and have different sizes cats do too 💀💀

  18. I.was curious and really unsure what rule34 halo reach master cheif was but now I know and I am just extra confused like why and what is rule34? Cause without that it didn't pop up "safe search is off"

  19. "3.14159"
    "That's not it"
    Me who memorized 15 digits of pi: Are you the stupid?

  20. Why are all guys named Tyler dumb as a rock? – this question was brought to you by a guy named Tyler

  21. Use warmer water
    This why you stupid

  22. I feel like he's me with a alternative costume

  23. Gen z kid who dosnt play genshin impact says:

    this guy is me, especially the second one

  24. Had to search female master chief expect the nsfw one😳

  25. This is the most Tyler Tyler to have ever Tyler'd.

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