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Voodoo’s REPETITIVE Mobile Games

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Voodoo isn’t exactly the most well known company when it comes to quality. But are their games really as bad as I made them out to be in the last Voodoo video. A lot can change in a year so maybe their games are actually good now? We’ll see…

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0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Paper.io
2:09 – Dune!
3:13 – Reddit(?)
3:46 – Woodturning 3D
5:38 – Twisty Road!
6:46 – Crowd City
8:11 – Outro
9:06 – Discord Plug
Music Used (In Order)

T3rr0r Music Playlist:

Cut the Rope Theme
FNaF 6 – Creme De La Creme
HL2 – Hazardous Environments
HL2 – Extinction Event Horizon
SSBM – Yoshi’s Story
SMK Wii – Toad Factory
Mario Paint – Creative Exercise
Mother 3 – Mind of a Thief
SSBU – WarioWare Inc


  1. Ketchapp and voodoo do lot of games

  2. I HATE TIKTOK TOO i prefer long and good content than short shitposting or copying

  3. you should do lion studios it’s basically like voodoo but cringe

  4. fun fact: Dune is a ripoff of an actually good mobile game, Tiny Wings

  5. You’re forgetting the fact that Dune is a ripoff of another mobile game: Tiny Wings

  6. I didn’t know there was so much hate behind them. I did suppose they were big, but i like their games, simple but fun.

  7. The song at the song made me remember my childhood bro. Tysm!

  8. So it looks like voodoo started actually putting effort into their first two games, but then the money got to their heads and became a mobile Ea company

  9. Voodoo: heres a game with a big booty simulator 3d Twerk 4d ragdoll Shit fart time travel cool epic gold
    ⭐stars 1000000000000/5 192829192292,19182929292929 Billion Downloads 500M Reviews
    Kids: Omg wow Zamn such a big booty it got me rock hard, beating my meat🥩!!!!😍😩😩🥵🥵🥵🥵😩😩😍😍😍🥵😍🥰🥰🥵🥰🥰💦💦💦💦😍😍😍👄🔥🔥🔥🔥🥛🥛🥛
    Chads: too much ADs, overused trends, trash gaming experience🤢🤮
    Clowns: best game so good so funny 🤡
    Bots: g o o d, i am Happy, my systems enjoyed this game🤖

  10. I had to play multiple mobile games for homework for one class

  11. im so glad somebody is talking about this shit company

  12. I like Woodturning 3D, I have that game

  13. You're like a microphone that only works after 1 year

  14. Voodoo made a game about the pen pineapple apple pen thing and it’s definitely a game

  15. Ubisoft made some hits too like hungry shark and easytech (basically the paradox games of mobile games)

  16. Hoyoverse and companies that make good games and stuff SHOULD be where VOODOO is standing. And these games could very easily be entertaining if they didn't shove ads down your throat.

  17. Crowd City would actually be incredibly fun if they didn’t sandbag it. It didn’t even used to be required to be connected to the internet. I literally want to create a knock off game of it, that’s how much I like the concept.

  18. Bro, dune is basically tiny wings!

  19. 5:16 little children are happier GOIOOOOTAYEOEAOSITydjtdjjJsyaksSjttjdtjstsjfshfhshsfsdhsfsdSsRYSYDZODOYZKYDZYDIZYIFDIYROYFOYFDOTUD

  20. I enjoyed this video and I am glad I don’t feel alone anymore when thinking “oh Voodoo is repetitive garbage”.
    You have earned a subscriber, my man.

  21. Why are you making this now? It's been around for years. As an ex-mobile gamer, I saw these ads A LOT.

  22. I remember one of my favorite popular mobile games was Tiny Wings and I think Dune is basically that.
    I also feel like this is the reason why Dune feels like as good a game it is because it follows the same gameplay of an already good game.

  23. For his neutral special, he wields a gun says:

    Voodoo is like the real life equivalent of WarioWare Inc.

  24. when I was small I used to get like a billion ads from a voodoo game. So I decided to download that game. And that game gave more ads about voodoo. About 3 months later, I downloaded more than 40 voodoo games and were totally addicted to it. I even purchased some stuff with real money ;-;

  25. I think they own a content farm channel som ot only are they killing gaming they are hurting people

  26. arent voodoo games technically just flash games except you have to download them

  27. So cool. I think I'll try it besides playing Defi Warrior game

  28. so i use to play one of voodoos games and it was the water park game you mentioned, i uninstalled it in less than 20 mins for one specific reason, when you skipped the slide and fell down onto the goal the AI just teleport behind you and it was either to easy to win or to hard to win so if the game is made from voodoo, im not gonna install it.

  29. i got an ad, holy shit it was painful to watch, its those runner games but the point of the game is to create children and you can pick your partner (your a girl) and you age with collectables on the ground, i am in pain

  30. Dune is actually a copy of tiny wings which is the same thing except instead using a ball you use a bird

  31. I’m sick of seeing these games there only good games now are just puzzle games and games like call of duty on iPhone

  32. Video idea: How to chop a tree? Ripoffs

  33. I have thought the same about voodo, I just think Voodoo's games are just plain and their ads for the games are just terrible and rather cringe

  34. Voodoo is definitely up there as on of the most recognised mobile game companies, but supercell is arguably much larger

  35. bro fr fooled me into thinking reddit was made by voodoo

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