We tried Vanilla+ Among Us rules! - Modded Among Us [FULL VOD] - gameserbs.com

We tried Vanilla+ Among Us rules! – Modded Among Us [FULL VOD]

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I got a lot of impostor that day
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VOD date: February 28 2023


00:00:00 Crewmate into Follower (I) with Cultist (I) Stell
00:24:35 Crewmate
00:38:20 Crewmate into Follower (I) with Cultist (I) Cassie
00:55:35 Engineer (C)
01:10:15 Crewmate into Follower (I) with Cultist (I) Yuri

Pinkee & Cassie left, MrTimofy & JiM joined

01:27:40 Wraith (I) with Miner (I) JiM
01:39:15 Engineer (C)
01:45:10 Crewmate

01:54:05 Engineer (C)

02:02:45 Bounty Hunter (I) with Morphling (I) MrTim
02:14:05 Investigator (C)
02:26:30 Morphling (I) with Miner (I) MrTim
02:37:25 Crewmate

Mod: StellarRoles:

Vanilla+ Roles:
Impostors: Morphling (50%), Changeling (20%), Miner (50%), Wraith (50%), Cultist (30%), Bounty Hunter (50%)
Crewmates: Engineer (50%), Investigator (40%), Administrator (50%), Medic (40%), Watcher (50%)

Featuring: StellWasHere, Devcee, Cassie, Pinkee, Cara, Ilyssa, Pyro, 19, Yxritheslayer, MrTimofy, JiM

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edited and produced by ► Klerik Vaira
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  1. Are you going to play in these lobbies more? I'm really enjoying this group

  2. How old is this? I've seen some of these games months ago I feel like

  3. regarding the vanilla+ debate, I totally agree that less is more and that neutrals (including jester) are really making the game totally different. and shift things to random chance and assassin meta. This is more about figuring out who's evil and good

  4. У меня есть морские свинкиа у тебя хороший канал

  5. Yuri, this is where its kinda your fault 😀

  6. omggggg yuri said on the previous round they'd voted stell + then claimed pinkie the next round … + no one remembered ( game 2 )

  7. The lobby where we started forcing crew to vote the imposters on seven

  8. I really want to see a cultist play where you (or anyone) let two crew scan clear each other, then the next round you cult one and make it kill the other one.

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