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When You Get Caught Playing Cool Math Games

Dylan Zitkus
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  1. I’m so sad my school blocked cool math games

  2. *puts hand on shoulder* "Now, what should we be doing right now?"

  3. Game name :run. Ive been trying to find it for a Thousand years

  4. The got gogaurdion now so they can see what we doing now but that ain’t stop me

    I only got caught once and that gave me lunch detention

  5. Our teachers have something called net red where they can see the screen on their computer it’s so annoying

  6. Ctrl TAB move to other tab, no worries. Ctrl W closes tab.

  7. I used to be the best in the school t awesome tanks and speedran hardmode and got it in a pretty fast time (don't remember what) until the blocked coolmthgames. Like who does that?

  8. I still play run 3 and I'm in middle school

  9. i used to do it all the time in school lol

  10. I do this all the time in elementary school and they never find out🤣

  11. This never worked with my mom when I was doing online school 😢

  12. My elementary school once had a sub in 5th grade. He said we didn’t have to ask to use the bathroom. My best friend left 10 times before it was 9:15!!! We also played that exact game

  13. My teacher has a app where she’s what we are doing now though

  14. Aleks: we change your questions just to watch you cry

  15. I have never played on cool math games and I'm in 8th grade so kids in my class be like B!tch how u never done that

  16. Only two of the ‘smart’ kids in my class get to use Aleks

    lucky for me, I’m one of them

  17. Me every day on Wednesday I am in 4th grade lol that’s my free day

  18. I love that just before he switched tabs he died

  19. This is what we always play when it’s indoor recess run 3

  20. It!s a shame we can’t play cool math games anymore 😢

  21. They literally banned that game in my school 👁️👄👁️

  22. It’s worse when you have 2 teachers in the classroom

  23. I literally play cool math games at school and my teacher doesn’t care

  24. That's what I did in elementary school Frankie Joe

  25. XxSilvexXGamingXx (on break cuz im sick with covid says:

    Ah i remember the days when i played papa's Pizzeria on cool math games

  26. Me:I Won't Be Caught Lackin'
    Teacher:(Tries To Catch Me Lackin')
    Me:Not Today

  27. She has this thing that she can see my screen 🙄😭

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