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When you say CoolMathGames Sucks

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  1. The silly intrusive thoughts trying to make me bite the raw meat while cooking:

  2. Here ya go a comment cus ik what it’s like to have no comments yw and also nice video

  3. First
    Also this is what sounds I hear when I was in 5th grade on break

  4. Twitter did not let that one slide 💀

  5. twitter when they find a racist joke you made 28 years ago:

  6. do the no body asked for you opinion when someone says person on the internet sucks

  7. Roblox kids when a wealthy person comes on pls donate :

  8. "I need to be careful while driving"

    intrusive thoughts entering my brain trying to make me ram a slow elderly person walking across the crosswalk :

  9. All of the braincells working in unison to close the porn tab when mom walks in:

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