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Who is the most evil Disney villain? | AskReddit

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Who is the most evil Disney villain? | AskReddit

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  1. I totally could see you filling the machine with your squishies and use it to choose what squishies you’ll customize!

  2. 4:59 i woke up i looked out the window it was like 5:34 am and I turned over blinked and I looked back over and it was bright out and time was 7:34 am

  3. 30:14 if we where brands i would be nike and you would be Mcdonalds…. i would be doing it and you would be loving it

  4. I can base an entire Trilogy off Ready Aim Fire by Imagine Dragons

  5. For my most terrifying nightmare it was a thing where I was on one of three rails running along then like some video game I can't remember the name of. And there was this operator that was telling me which path to go down, and at one point he tells me to go right, and I do but the he says his right not mine, but it's too late. And then I feel a overwhelming sense of dread, and then there's a part where I'm talking with a giant and he's talking about how he's destroying the world, then that dread gets even worse. I hated the dread, I just couldn't stand it, and I got that nightmare like 15 times when I was 5-7

  6. Make this a spotify podcast please would love to be able to listen to this while biking to work or other things this could be perfect for a podcast

  7. The guy from bamb,i but based on the fact that he shot a doe.
    Hunters aren't allowed to shoot doe or young bucks(aka bambi) to allow them to reproduce and keep up the population for the following years.
    Not only did he kill bambi's mom but it's likely he was a poacher, with how Bambi and his family never had to deal with hunters other that that one, it's likely they are on a nature reserve or national park.

  8. "Most believable conspiracy theory"
    I figure an island that is right on a fault line that ends up having a ton of really great metals and mineral deposits due to being from the fault.
    They have an easier time getting materials to advance to the point they are advanced for their era, but then one day the fault shifts again and ends up either breaking up the entire island and/or it gets swallowed up by a tsunami.
    It's likely we haven't found it since it could be as far out in the ocean as Hawaii but since we haven't explored 70% of our oceans we might not have found the evidence or the ruins could have been mistaken for some old wreckage of stolen artifacts.

  9. Favorite "Yo Mamma joke" was one I seen in a video.
    "Yo mamma so ugly your dad married a guy" to a kid with two dads.


  11. I personally think Bill Cipher is one of Disney's most evil villains. Dude just destroyed his whole dimension and was a threat to the whole multiverse, and with no apparent reason other than "Yeah i like weird stuff"

  12. "What song are you currently obsessed with?"

  13. what song could you create an entire movie about?
    easy. any mitski song. they're all great-

  14. 14:30 – But also the worst actor is Jack Black.
    Don't get me wrong, Jack Black is a great guy.
    But part of being an actor is… acting. Not just being you for every role you're in.

    (Same for the Rock)

  15. 31:50 spaceballs and princess bride, for me their tied. at least for the old movies and live action. #1 kung fu panda #2 the incredibles #3 megamind. their actually tied for how amazing they r and all 10s too but ranked cuz of preference of the type of movie they r and i like more. #1 best for kids and childhood, #2 best for all the family, #3 has a significant boost in romance but still kiddy and hilarious. imho 🙂

  16. I had a nightmare recently were I had to wake up and get ready for work. The first time I woke up to my alarm, I turned it off and went back to sleep since I was so exhausted from yesterday's work and I knew I had allocated about 2 1/2 hours of "get ready" time when I only need 20-30 minutes tops to get ready. So, I had plenty of time to sleep a little longer. The next time I woke up, only a few minutes had passed and I was still so exhausted. So back to sleep I go. This repeats again and again till that 20-30 minute hard deadline starts approaching. Ok, time to get up.
    But I can't.
    My body's too worn out. My arms feel like I'm forcing them through tar and the rest of body? I can't move them an inch. It's as if I'm paralyzed by sheer exhaustion. I fall back to sleep and I again wake up. I'm now becoming latter and latter to work. Dread has long since set in. I can't be late! I've never been late! I can't just ditch work when I know the stress of an understaffed shift! I need to be there! For my team!
    I wake up from my nightmare with about 40 minutes to get ready for work.

  17. 8:10 Jupiter, the bringer of jollity

    It’s like a grand fantasy adventure with a beautiful ending, could probably make a trilogy to rival LOTR in both quality and length

  18. my favorite word is abacus (the sliding toy, calculator) since if you said abc as a word it sounds like abacuh, which is pretty close imo

  19. 3:00 Can kinda agree with this, according to my mother when I was young I described my past life in great detail

  20. since nobody said it couldnt be a real person: Ron Desantis

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