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Why coolmath Games was Banned From Roblox

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Enjoy I said the 3 days part wrong i meant 4 days Anyways
Roblox piggy:

Anyways i made this vid since i havnt uploaded in a long time
Anyways Im invisible323 And Cya on my next vid!


  1. Good thing coolmath is now unbanned. (*´∇`*)phew. I like the straightforward answer it really gets to the point quick unlike other YouTubers. May I share my reasoning? o(^_^o) I think they did it cuz they thought it was a meme acc because the acc got a lot of followers just after being made and that would seem suspicious to roblox.(ーー;)If the roblox Twitter acc had just seen the @ from coolmath I’m pretty sure this would of never happened…(´・_・`) (Cool vid btw, never beat the game my self. ( ´ ▽ ` )

  2. CoolmathRBLX acc is back well you he got he’s acc back if you say is a lie go and check he’s acc is coolmathRBLX

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