World's Hardest Game - NO FAILS -

World’s Hardest Game – NO FAILS

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This is the new version of the World’s Hardest Game. It is harder than the old version. Play it here:

All music from Atoma’s album Skylight:
– Skylight
– Hole in the sky
– Highway
– Bermuda river
– Resonance

So…. did I really make it right through with no fails? Absolutely not! Don’t believe everything you watch. Plenty of people make “No fails” videos like this, and while some are legit, some are suspicious.

I actually had loads of fails while making this video. But every time I failed, I simply selected the level from the menu and it reset the Fails to zero. In the end I had around two hours of footage, and I simply deleted the Fails.

HOWEVER, I did have to make sure I had a flawless run-through of each individual level, and some of these proved rather tricky – I think the most difficult was Level 26.


  1. Thank you for playing the good version

  2. The coolmathgames version of this game has a much more unforgiving hitbox than the original, gg man

  3. Thank you, watching this literally made the final level the easiest level in the game for me lol

  4. I wouldn't say most 0 death runs are suspicious I would just say some are * cough megabenefactor cough *

  5. Im 13 an while some other kids are with their computers(laptops) in recess, Im trying to complete the game, btw im stock on lvl 24 and This is the fist video that i watched to try to pass a lvl. GOOD VID.

  6. Harder? You can not only skip the levels to try the new levels out, but this version actually saves your coins every time you touch a checkpoint.

  7. I can get to level 23. Also whats th song called that you added at first

  8. HOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!! im spechless

  9. The World's Hardest Game 1: Normal Mode
    The World's Hardest Game 2: Hard Mode
    The World's Hardest Game 3: Expert Mode
    The World's Hardest Game 4: Master Mode

  10. Imagine being the planet earth as the red square, and all other circles are planets filled to the brim with 100 Tsar Bombas. That's the reaction you're going to get.

  11. Dude your insane I can even past the first level and I’ve tired a few hundred times

  12. I have tried this game myself. Trust me. IT IS VERY VERY HARD!!! Props to you man!! You are a true gamer

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